Felix the Railway Cat 

Felix the Railway Cat by Kate Moore


Genre: Non Fiction

What’s not to love about Felix? Beloved kitten turned working cat. She became viral after the picture of her wearing a high-vis vest was posted on her Facebook page. 

This book goes into the life and adventures of the queen of the rails, aka Felix. She was given to the Huddersfield station after a mutual agreement of staff decided they needed a ‘pest controller.’ And a morale boost as she weedled her way into the hearts of the staff and regular commuters. (Even the grumpier ones). Felix is a gorgeous cat whose floof knows no comparison. 

And she is quite the diva according to the staff. XD 

This book is a must read for cat lovers. Esp if you follow Felix on FB. Which if you dont, you should.


Girl in Pieces 

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow 


Genre: YA Fiction

When I say sadness  what I really mean is: black hole inside of me filled with nails and rocks and broken glass and the words I don’t have anymore.'”

Trigger warning: Self Harm, Suicide, Drug usage

I picked this one off of a list. With Thirteen Reasons Why trending, I’m gonna say this was really worth the read and worth all the pain and sadness. It was tragic and sad but had a happy ending. 

Charlie starts off the book in a hospital, recovering from a recent suicide attempt. She has select mutism and is thouroughly broken apart. They release her early due to financial issues and she decides to go to Arizona with a friend who offered her a place to stay. (She was coming off homelessness). Upon arriving, she finds a job and at this job meets washed up Rockstar Riley. Then she makes some choices that go very downhill very fast. 

This book was definitely hard to read with my depression but I’m glad that I did. The author has personal experience with the issues talked about in the book and she provided a resource page for teens in need and suicide awareness. 

I highly recommend this book but I included a trigger warning for a reason.



Emma by Jane Austen


Genre: Classic/Fiction 

A mind lively and at ease, can do with seeing nothing, and can see nothing that does not answer.

I read this one because I came across a scholarship that basically posed a question in regards to Emma and how does it compare to today’s time. 

For an Austen book, I read this one fairly quick. Of the 3 I have managed to get through (incl: Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility), this one has to be my least favorite. (As I can’t remember anything from S&S). 

Emma Woodhouse is a privileged massive pain in the ass. She feels like she’s better than those around her and takes it upon herself to take another young woman under her wing and make her into something that fits societies standards. All the while looking down on those around her. Of course things fall apart and she finds herself more humbled by the end of the book. 

Mr. Knightly didn’t deserve her. 

If your an Austen fan, yay! I find her dry and almost unreadable. It gets me to sleep faster. But I do like the look into a different era of women.


Help Fix the Well

I figured it doesn’t hurt to spread the word. 

(My gent and I on a recent hike)

Last week, the pump/motor went out on the well at my gents house. His disabled mum has been without running water since. Due to her disability, she is on a set income and my gent is attempting to get a loan to cover the $4000 cost. 
I set up a YouCaring. Mainly because I hate asking for help for myself. (Yay depression?) And it’ll help out my potential future mum in law. (We all know I’m going to wife him.) This is my way of being able to help in a sticky, crap financial situation. 
Here’s the linky link: https://www.youcaring.com/myself-792264

Anything helps. At all. I thank you in advance and if you include an address with your donation, you will get a personalized thank you card. 

This is Jerimah, the crusty ricketty cat my gents mom owns. I’ve also been trying to arrange his trip over the Rainbow Bridge. 
It’s during times like this that we are sometimes required to pull up our boot straps and do the thang. By thing, I mean asking for help where it is needed.