Help Fix the Well

I figured it doesn’t hurt to spread the word. 

(My gent and I on a recent hike)

Last week, the pump/motor went out on the well at my gents house. His disabled mum has been without running water since. Due to her disability, she is on a set income and my gent is attempting to get a loan to cover the $4000 cost. 
I set up a YouCaring. Mainly because I hate asking for help for myself. (Yay depression?) And it’ll help out my potential future mum in law. (We all know I’m going to wife him.) This is my way of being able to help in a sticky, crap financial situation. 
Here’s the linky link:

Anything helps. At all. I thank you in advance and if you include an address with your donation, you will get a personalized thank you card. 

This is Jerimah, the crusty ricketty cat my gents mom owns. I’ve also been trying to arrange his trip over the Rainbow Bridge. 
It’s during times like this that we are sometimes required to pull up our boot straps and do the thang. By thing, I mean asking for help where it is needed. 


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