Holding Up the Universe

Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven 


Genre: YA Fiction 

 ‘You think no one understands and you’re alone, and that makes you angrier, and Why don’t they see it? Why doesn’t someone say ‘Hey. You seem burdened by the world. Let me take that burden for awhile so you don’t have to carry it around all the time.’ But it’s on you to speak up.’ 

I really really liked All the Bright Places. This one won’t break your heart like that one did. 

Libby Strout was dubbed ‘America’s Fattest Teen‘ after she was cut out of her house. Jack Misslini suffers from not being able to remember anyone’s faces. On the day they meet, Libby had decided to return to school and Jack decides to take a dare and attempt fat girl rodeo. Which resulted in him getting decked in the face. They end up in after school counseling together and form an odd friendship as the world burns down around them. 

I liked this book. Libby is a strong female lead who promotes body positivity. No matter what life throws at her, she gets back up. And she’s a dancer and dances like no one is watching. Jack struggles to connect throughout the book and it was nice to see him develop as a character get help. 
This was a brilliant book on bullying and body image and characters coming together. 

I recommend this book to people who like YA novels.



Goldenhand by Garth Nix (#4)


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy 

‘The library is very old, and deep, and contains many things that have been put away for good reason. Creatures, dangerous knowledge, artifacts made not wisely, but too well…books that should not be opened without proper preperation, some books that should never be open at all.’

This is the 4th installment of the Abhorsen trilogy, which I had no idea that it was that. I thought it was another Clariel, which was actually leading up to this one. Go figure, I’ve been sitting on this for weeks. 

This book picks up 6 months or so after Abhorsen  ends and we find Lireal adjusting to life without the Dispreputable Dog and learning to be Abhorsen alongside Sabriel. When Sabriel goes on vacation with her husband, things start moving under way and Lireal finds herself connected to Nick from Across the Wall and having to fight down the greater dead, ending Chlorr of the Mask once and for all and discovering what Nick is after his run in with Orannis. 

Overall, I LOVE this series and it is one of my favorites. Especially regarding the universe in which it is located. It also contains one of my all time favorite literary libraries. The only thing I disliked about this book was that each chapter swapped between 2 different characters and it was hard to follow sometimes. 

But still, a highly anticipated suprise sequel. 😀 Reminds me I need to go back and read Abhorsen again since it’s been about 6 years or so. Highly recommend this series.


Once Upon a Rhyme 

Once Upon a Rhyme by Jack Heckel (#1)


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy

In every fairy tale, there is a point in the telling when the fire dies down low and the dark of the night grows deeper and the children gather closer together and the storyteller lowers his voice and whispers, ‘Now, dear ones, this is the scary part.’ And then, inevitably, into the story steps the villian, and whether an evil queen or twisted stepmother or foul beast, the listener begins to doubt, maybe the hero doesn’t make it, maybe there’s no happily ever after.

I picked this one up on sale and am glad I did. 

Written in the humorous tones of Terry Pratchett, what if Fairy Tales were real? And what happens after the dragon is slain and the Princess saved? Willam Pickett finds himself in such a situation after his scarecrow accidentally impale the dragon, thus killing it. He tells his sister that the rumors are true and sets out to save the Princess from her slumber in the dragons lair. And what follows is a humorous adventures that combines all the elements of classic fairy tales. 

I loved this book and look forward to reading the next one. It was funny. I loved Prince Charming and his egotistical self and the strong women characters found in Elizabeth and Rapunzel. It was an interesting take on classics well known. Which in my opinion, is hard to pull off.

I highly recommend this series. 🙂


Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman 

☆/5 (Did not finish)

Sexist asshole. I was expecting alot more from this but it was dull, unfunny, and unrelatable. Sure, he talks about Saved by The Bell and how certain artists shaped the music industry but it was filled with foul language, ideas about women, and he’s a narrisistic asshole hipster. 
Could not finish.


Yes, Please

​Yes, Please by Amy Poehler


Genre: Memior/Non-fiction 

Life is crunchy and complicated and all the more delicious.

I fell in love with Amy in Parks and Rec as her portrayal as Leslie Knope. I’ve been meaning to read this for awhile and finally got around to it. 

This is a memior of sorts. Amy talks about her life, her triumphs and downfalls, how everyone wants the pudding but it’s okay not to get the pudding, her time on SNL and motherhood. She gets into her relationships with other people and gives tips on how to be the best and funniest you. 

I like her sense of humor and this would have been a quick read if it had not been for life getting in the way. Amy is a bright, wonderful woman and talks about her own personal demons, gets down to the nitty gritty on drugs and shows that even though you are tiny (she’s only 5ft 2) you can also be mighty and be a badass. 

My roomies recommended the audio book to me which I may nab from them. 😄

I highly recommend this if you need a bit of a Leslie Knope pep talk.


The Watchmaker of Filigree Street 

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley


Genre: Fiction 

There was a lot of talking, and little understanding that the problem would not go away if only one complained sufficently.

This book was a debut and a little odd at that. Very reminiscent of a Haruki novel but less intense.

A young telegrapher finds himself with a mysterious watch. 6 months later, this same watch saves his life from the explosion that tore apart Scotland Yard and he seeks out the watchmaker who turns out to be even more mysterious than anticipated. Believing that his new friend may be the maker of the bomb, our hero tries to get to the bottom of it while experiencing adventure along the way. 

This book was beautifully written with a sense of mysterious circumstance and being in the right place at the right time. As the story unfolded you invest more time into it, only to be disappointed at the ending.

It wasn’t a great book. But it was decent.


Someday, Someday Maybe 

Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham 


Genre: Fiction 

Anyone can smile on their best day. I’d like to meet a man who can smile on his WORST.

I am a big fan of Lauren. Especially with her work in Gilmore Girls. When looking at her autobiography, I saw she wrote another book so I decided to give it a go.

Franny Banks is a young 27-something up and start actress on the rise. She moved to New York and made herself a deadline to make it big. Other than a few commercials, she has yet to hit the big screen. Running out of time, she finally scores herself an agent (and a beau) but life is filled with suprises. 

This one took longer to read than it should have. It wasn’t BAD but it was missing something. 99% of the book is Fanny flailing around like a guppy out of water than actually problem solving. She’s quite hard on herself as well. Overall it wasn’t too terrible. 

Not likely to reread.