Emma by Jane Austen


Genre: Classic/Fiction 

A mind lively and at ease, can do with seeing nothing, and can see nothing that does not answer.

I read this one because I came across a scholarship that basically posed a question in regards to Emma and how does it compare to today’s time. 

For an Austen book, I read this one fairly quick. Of the 3 I have managed to get through (incl: Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility), this one has to be my least favorite. (As I can’t remember anything from S&S). 

Emma Woodhouse is a privileged massive pain in the ass. She feels like she’s better than those around her and takes it upon herself to take another young woman under her wing and make her into something that fits societies standards. All the while looking down on those around her. Of course things fall apart and she finds herself more humbled by the end of the book. 

Mr. Knightly didn’t deserve her. 

If your an Austen fan, yay! I find her dry and almost unreadable. It gets me to sleep faster. But I do like the look into a different era of women.


Just Jane

Just Jane by Nancy Moser


Genre: Historical Fiction 

When I read a novel, I am not here- I am transported to far off places, my eyes unseen of the words on the page, busy with a sense of being played out in my minds eye, with my ears engaged, hearing the voices carry from the pen to the present. What a lovely place to be- not here.

This book is the second in a a series called Women in History, but reads very much like a stand alone. 

Not much is known of Jane Austen. She lived a quiet life, unmarried and did not seek to be famous from her written works. Alot of her life is not known, but presumptions can be made from the remaining letters that were written to her sister Catherine and what is generally public knowledge. 

This tale is a first hand account (via Jane’s voice) of her life. What she went through after being rebuffed by a man named Thomas Lefroy and how close she was to her sister, whose fiance had died overseas on a mission. You follow in Janes footsteps as she moves from the countryside to Bath, and onward, and get a sense of the feeling behind her work as she worked on her most famous pieces. 

I honestly loves this book. One of my favorite movies is Becoming Jane starring Anne Hathaway. It reminded me alot of that, except on a more personal level. Many books like this exsist and many more are likely to be written as we continue to speculate about the wonder that is Jane Austen. 

If your a fan, go read this. It’s rich with fact and infused with beautiful fiction.