Dark Matter

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy

I can’t help thinking that we’re more than the sum total of our choices, that all the paths we might have taken factor somehow into the math of our identity.

I picked this one because it was highly recommended on some forums. 

Jason is your average male who thinks about lost chances. The what if, if you will, of our choices throughout our lifetime. He is faced with this when he is kidnapped and thrust into a parallel world where those “What Ifs” become a reality. 

I liked the science behind this book but didn’t really care for how it was written. It was a man’s book written by a man. (Sorry…it’s just how I interpreted it.) Plus, the ending was a bit much. I feel like the author gave up there and did the most random thing he could think of.

Overall a good read but wish I hadn’t of bought it.


A book is a book is a book….


And the importance of used book stores.

I am an avid reader. But usually can’t afford the chunk of change required for a brand spanking new book. A couple of years ago, I invested in a kindle because I didn’t have access to all my books and I was damned if I couldn’t read my favorites.

So yes, I have an e-reader. And yes, I still buy “real” books. I have 7 bookshelves in my 1 bedroom apartment bursting at the brim.

I will admit, my kindle is a space saver. I tend to buy newer books that way due to lack of shelf space and the price. The only time I buy brand new fresh off the press is if it’s an author that is already on my shelf and I need a full set.

I also frequent used bookstores. I’m able to replace favorites, discover new books, and all that for half the price. (The picture above is my Goodwill haul. Sookie Stackhouse complete!) Nothing makes me happier than giving a once loved book a good home. Even if I have a kindle.

There is an argument that reading a screen isn’t the same as reading a book. (I’ve read articles to this effect) And I beg to differ. I can get just as lost reading my kindle as I do with a real book. Plus, my kindle allows me to cart around 400 books with the touch of a button.

What about Audio books? Still technically reading. When I was working 2 jobs, audio books were the only way I could read. I listened to the entirety of Les Miserables because I couldn’t finish the book. Luckily, my job was one where I could tune out the world and focus on my actual job. Audio books are good for people who lead busy lives and just can’t find time for sitting down.

So whether you prefer paper, a screen, or listening, all of these methods equal one thing: YOUR STILL READING. Just because it’s a different format, doesn’t mean a thing. The words are there, just the presentation differs.

Happy reading folks!


The Importance of Libraries


I volunteer once a week at my local library. For 2 hours, every Wednesday morning, I disappear into the stacks, fondle and smell books and make the shelves look pretty. It also gives me an opportunity to see books I typically wouldn’t look at and I usually bring home a pile. I started volunteering because I was at a very bad point in my life. I hated my job working food service. My anxiety was keeping me house ridden, and I wasn’t reading. I was depressed and suicidal and volunteering made me happy.

Why are libraries so important? First and foremost: the access of resources. Free internet. Printing. Copy machines. Essentially information. Librarians are like Google of the book world. Anything you ever wanted to know or learn can come from your library. It allows access to those who don’t have the resources to have them. Homeless. Less fourtunate. Etc.

Community: most libraries offer free community programs to attend. Book groups. Arts and crafts. Author visits. Childrens Story Circles. Crafting. Gaming. Knitting. They usually have a little something for everyone.

Free: READING. God knows I can support my habit otherwise, right? Unlimited access to the written word. For free.

E Lending: Heard of Overdrive? Instant access to e books, audiobooks, etc and you don’t even need to leave your house. Instant download to the device of your choosing. No late fees. You only need a library card. Which is free.

With a library card, you can open a door to an endless stream of information.

For an avid reader like me, the library gives me ability to read new books, old books and learn. It’s warm. Comfortable. And feels like home.

Take advantage of the services your library has to offer. 🙂