The Blind Side

The Blind Side by Micheal Lewis


Genre: Biography-ish

People note outcomes, and reason backwards from them.

I saw the movie a few years back and enjoyed it, even though I don’t like football. It was uplifting. I saw the book in the ‘grab and go’ selection and decided to give it a whirl. 

This is an autobiographical account of Micheal Oher, football player for the Baltimore Ravens. He started out as nothing but a big black kid born on the wrong sode of the street and how fate interviened and made him into one of the most sought after rookies in High school. 

He ended up getting found by the Tuhoy’s, and given the life that anyone deserves. And in the process begins to learn and adapt and overcome the obstacles placed before him.

Since I don’t much like football, the historical bits kind of rolled right on through and I tended to skip over them. 

Overall, a good read and a happy ending. 🙂


The Soul of an Octopus 

The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery 


Genre: Non-fiction/Memior

Unless people know about and see these animals, there will be no stewardship for octopuses in the wild. So knowing they are going to accredited institutions, where they are going to be loved, where people will see the animal in all its glory-that’s good and it makes me happy.

This was a non fiction book based on one naturalists experience studying octopods. I picked it up because I love octopods and the cover looked interesting. 

In this book, she discusses the personalities and quirks of several octopods who call the Boston Aquarium (?) their home. She learns that they do have thoughts and can figure things out and each octopus had different traits. 

Octopods are beautiful creatures. One of my favorite parts was when she went to the Seattle Aquarium and was audience to “Blind Date with an Octupus”, an event where aquarium staff allow the octopods to mate before releasing them into the PNW waters. 
Blind Date With an Octupus 2014

I recommend this one, especially if you like learning things. 🙂
*Note on the text: The proper pronoun for an Octopus is OCTOPODS not ‘octopi’ as previously reasoned. You can not add Latin suffixes to non Latin words and the word ‘octopus’ I’d actually Greek in orgin. 


The Cake Therapist 

The Cake Therapist by Judith Fertig


Genre: Chick Lit/Fiction

Sometimes you had to look past what was and imagine what could be.

I picked this one up because of the pretty cover. 

A young woman flees New York to start a bakery in her old home town. Filled with rich descriptions of pastries and flavors, this was a book about picking yourself back up after having gone through something terrible. Which in this case, was her super famous football player husband cheating on her. She finds love with an old friend and unravels an old town mystery in the process of building her empire of frosting. 

This was a feel good book and definitely a mystery/chick lit. It swapped back and forth between the past and the present quite a bit which I think pulled from the story. And I was left feeling a bit hungry afterwards. 

It wasn’t bad, but it was a quick feel good read. 🙂


Harry Potter Midnight Release 

I am a first Gen Potter nerd. I was the same age as Harry with each book release. I grew up with them. They were my friends. Mt family. I still cry that I didn’t get my Hogwarts letter. I would have gone to Hogwarts the year Snake was Headmaster. 
This was my first Midnight Release. I’m old and I don’t get out much. Barnes and Nobles was hosting a fabulous event. 😀

My friend was nice enough to lend me her Ravenclaw robe and a wand. 

The most authentic costumes.

Ron and Hermione. 

This made my heart happy. 

They had a deal with owls through one of the local wildlife groups. Her name was Oakley and she was gorgeous.

Muggle wall where you can write what Harry Potter means to you.

The Cafe was The Three Broomsticks.

Photo booth! 

And of course, the long anticipated moment where I could get my hands on this delicious book. I’ve been waiting for a decade. 
Harry Potter made my childhood bearable. It was one of my escape books where magic was real, Hogwarts was real. I wanted to be in Ravenclaw and learn magic. As an adult, I still continue to enjoy them as though it was the first time I read them. 
Barnes and Nobles hosted a fabulous party. It was moderated well and the entire staff participated. They had a great deal of events and going ons and I believed that they should have gotten raises. 
This is what being a fan is about. 


The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane 

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Kathrine Howe


Genre: Historical Fiction

I’m taking a break from Eddings and the Mallorean.
If you read A Discovery of Witches and found you disliked it, I highly recommend this one. No, there isn’t any vampires, weird time traveling or goddess incarnates. It’s about a young woman who discovers a mystery behind the Salem Witch trials and decides to get to the bottom of it, and is searching for a long lost Shadow Book. 
This appealed to the history nerd in me and it was wasn’t bogged down by fluffy crap writing. The lauguage was a bit much at the begining but you tend not to notice it later in the book as you become engrossed in the story. The history of the Salem witch trials has obviously been well assessed but this book was definitely one of the better ones. 
There is a bit of a love story but it doesn’t engross the whole story. It’s about coming into your own and embracing who you are. 
I highly recommend this one.


Hunter (#1)

Hunter by Mercedes Lackey

Genre: YA Fantasy


Imagine a post apocalyptic Hunger Games but instead of kids killing kids, Katniss Everdeen goes to the capital to be part of the elite force of kick ass hunters who fight….


That’s pretty much this book. It was amazing in every sense of the word. Joy is an unusual Hunter (magic user and has Hounds) who travels from her small and mountainous monestary to live with her important uncle in the Apex, the most protected area in the land. Diseray was brought upon by religious fanatics/terrorists who used nukes which caused a cataclysm of events (they figured rapture and apocalypse) and opened the doorway to the ‘Otherworld.’ Joy stays on top of things in her humble manner (while kicking ass) while trying to uncover a plot of conspiracy.

Some may not like this book because it’s bogged down by world building and info dumps. I LOVED THAT. It made things make more sense and I don’t feel like it pulled from the plot at all. The magic was beautifully explained and the WHY. I was rather taken aback by the amount of background provided that I could weep with happiness.

Plus there was no love triangle. Love interest, yes. 🙂 Joy is overall a brilliant female heroine. Plus, did you read the part about mythical creatures? Tommy Knockers, Kelpies, Red Caps, Draken, Weyrvyn, Gazers, Fair Folk, I was practically squeeing with all my mythilogical nerdiness.

I HIGHLY recommend this book. I will be impatiently waiting for the next installments.



Unmade by Sarah Rees Brennan  (#3)

Just Because Book
Genre: YA Fiction/Fantasy

But only because I truly believe in us, the utter depths of our incompetence, and that it must inevitably lead to our epic failures.

This is the third, and last book, of the series. And thank god because I don’t think I would have read another one. This was a series that, like the Divergent trilogy, got successfully worse with each book. It was nice in theory but alas.

In this one…the town is under seige by the evil Rob who has captured Jared and locked him in a priest hole and is starving him. Kami and Co. go and rescue him and try to solve the mystery of the town, and trying to save it in the process. Lots of people die, things go kaboom, people get turned into statues and the climax of the book was….unimpressive. *poof* Done. The End.

My biggest issue with this book was the inconsistencies with the characters and lack of character progression and growth. Jared is like Jace and is the only one to improve. Ash (his ‘cousin’ *cough spoiler cough*) was mainly put in to be a plot point  (love triangle, magical third wheel sorcerer) and Kami was just….it’s hard to explain. She’s supposed to be this amazing kick ass heroine but spent the entire book not really doing anything other than trying to make Jared love her. And making out with Ash. And nobody accomplished much of anything.

For instance: Rob just sacrificed *edited for spoilers* and they weep over his body and go back home. That’s it.

In other words, interesting idea, but really bad/inconsistent writing. It was funny but I’d have liked a little more plot filler.