Harry Potter Midnight Release 

I am a first Gen Potter nerd. I was the same age as Harry with each book release. I grew up with them. They were my friends. Mt family. I still cry that I didn’t get my Hogwarts letter. I would have gone to Hogwarts the year Snake was Headmaster. 
This was my first Midnight Release. I’m old and I don’t get out much. Barnes and Nobles was hosting a fabulous event. 😀

My friend was nice enough to lend me her Ravenclaw robe and a wand. 

The most authentic costumes.

Ron and Hermione. 

This made my heart happy. 

They had a deal with owls through one of the local wildlife groups. Her name was Oakley and she was gorgeous.

Muggle wall where you can write what Harry Potter means to you.

The Cafe was The Three Broomsticks.

Photo booth! 

And of course, the long anticipated moment where I could get my hands on this delicious book. I’ve been waiting for a decade. 
Harry Potter made my childhood bearable. It was one of my escape books where magic was real, Hogwarts was real. I wanted to be in Ravenclaw and learn magic. As an adult, I still continue to enjoy them as though it was the first time I read them. 
Barnes and Nobles hosted a fabulous party. It was moderated well and the entire staff participated. They had a great deal of events and going ons and I believed that they should have gotten raises. 
This is what being a fan is about. 


Carry On

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Genre: YA Scifi/Fantasy/LGBT


Rainbow Rowell is by far one of my favorite authors. Ever. I absolutely ADORE her writing and will most likely read/own everything she will ever write.

We first met Simon and Baz in Fangirl which was the basis for the MC’s obsession and “fangirling.” Rowell took it upon her herself to give us a Simon/Baz story and I am quite pleased with the result. I kinda skipped over those posts in Fangirl so I wasn’t quite swayed with this one. 😉

Carry On is a Potter-esque type book. Magical school. Insidious Humdrum. Smarty pants female co-character. And so on. This book is basically “What Would Happen if Draco and Harry were Room mates and ended up Falling in Love.” Pretty much.

I highly recommend Rowell’s writing. This one was fun, for YA and a bi/gay lovestory. And yes, I totally fangirled and shipped the hell out of them from the begining. XD