The Cat

The Cat by Edeet Ravel

Genre: Fiction
Trigger Warning: Grief/Death/Depression/Suicide


But there are no rewrites in life. No matter how implausible and unlikely an event, there is no rewriting it.

Single mom Elsie takes her son to the shelter to adopt a cat. They pick Pursie (short for Persephone) and take her home. 5 years later, her son is accidently killed in their front yard by a driver under the influence and Elsie is forced to stay alive. For Pursie.

This book was about the madness and depression that comes with the passing of a loved one. Elsie was tormented, broken, suicidal and only managed to hold on because she needed to care for her sons beloved cat  (who was quite the character.) Over the course of the story, you see her begin to pull through and to be ‘okay’.

I did all right. I don’t know what’s worse, feeling deranged or doing all right. For there’s something ruthless about doing all right.

You see her begin to try and to take note and attempt to get better. She faces this journey alone and at the end reaches out to people.

This book struck a chord with me on a deep, emotional level. I have been in that dark and lonely place and the only thing keeping me grounded was my cats and their needs. No matter what, no matter how bad my brain was, they never went hungry or had dirty boxes. They are my rocks, as Pursie was for Elsie. She resented her for awhile because she wanted to join her son on the other side, but she realized having Pursie there saved her.



(My cats continue to keep me grounded.)

I HIGHLY recommend this book. I thought it summed up depression and grief in a way that is highly relatable. The pain was very real and it shows that animals can be our shining light in the darkest of times.