Goldenhand by Garth Nix (#4)


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy 

‘The library is very old, and deep, and contains many things that have been put away for good reason. Creatures, dangerous knowledge, artifacts made not wisely, but too well…books that should not be opened without proper preperation, some books that should never be open at all.’

This is the 4th installment of the Abhorsen trilogy, which I had no idea that it was that. I thought it was another Clariel, which was actually leading up to this one. Go figure, I’ve been sitting on this for weeks. 

This book picks up 6 months or so after Abhorsen  ends and we find Lireal adjusting to life without the Dispreputable Dog and learning to be Abhorsen alongside Sabriel. When Sabriel goes on vacation with her husband, things start moving under way and Lireal finds herself connected to Nick from Across the Wall and having to fight down the greater dead, ending Chlorr of the Mask once and for all and discovering what Nick is after his run in with Orannis. 

Overall, I LOVE this series and it is one of my favorites. Especially regarding the universe in which it is located. It also contains one of my all time favorite literary libraries. The only thing I disliked about this book was that each chapter swapped between 2 different characters and it was hard to follow sometimes. 

But still, a highly anticipated suprise sequel. 😀 Reminds me I need to go back and read Abhorsen again since it’s been about 6 years or so. Highly recommend this series.


The Brothers Cabal 

The Brothers Cabal by Jonathan L Howard  (#4)


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy 

‘Life is an adventure. Well, mine is. Your’s too.’

‘Not by choice…If the knowledge I seek was readily available, and if society wasn’t so protective of its corpses, few of the travails I needs must undergo would be at all nessesary.’

This is probably going to be my series of the year. HANDS DOWN. THIS SERIES I’D FANTASTIC. GO READ THE NECROMANCER RIGHT FLIPPING NOW.

In the 4th installment, we have Johannes’ thrice dead vampire brother Horst (who we last saw at the end of The Necromancer burning up in the sun) caring for a very ill Johannes. While bedridden, Horst tells an amazing tale filled with zombies, werebadgers, conapiracies, Annie Okley type heroines, and enemies back from the grave. And he enlists Johannes help to save the world (again) which Johannes hadn’t meant to do prior. 

This book was FANTASTIC. I adore Horst and all his fabulousness as a vampire. He’s humourous, fantastic, charasmatic, and you can’t help but love him. And Johannes you can’t help but lovingly hate him. Since getting his soul back, he has started to develop a bit of a concious. And the brotherly relationship was highly developed in this one. 

(Fantastic fan art)

Go read this series! It’s amazing and lighthearted with a dark sense of humor!

One is often judged by the quality of one’s enemies. 


The Fear Institute 

The Fear Institute by Jonathan L. Howard  (Johannes Cabal #3)


Genre: Fiction 

Every waking moment of our lives we spend as hostages to the terrible ‘perhaps’. We dread the unnameable that lurks beyond our doors. We collapse into ridiculous phobias with the most fleeting provocation. Clowns! Birds! The number thirteen! Each one a nail driven into the fabric of our lives, limiting our movements, hemming us in, draining our futures of possibilities. How many better tomorrows have been lost because of natural human timidity? How many wonders have never seen the light because those who dared dream them could never build them?

This is the 3rd book about Johannes Cabal, Necromancer of little infamy. He’s made deals with Satan, became a detective and now he finds himself in the employment of The Fear Institute who proposes a trip into the Dreamlands to capture the Phobia Animus, or the creature of fear. Things don’t go the way you expect (per usual) and Johannes uses his wit and cunning to get through the land imagined by HP Lovecraft. 

I absolutely love this series. It’s funny. Johannes is so unlikable he’s likable and I can really see this as a graphic novel someday. 

Be warned, there is a rather gruesome cat death but it ends on a good note. (The guy responsible ends up getting eaten by feral cats). 

I highly recommend this one. 🙂
And because I was cat less again, here’s a Betsy, whom I am dogsitting for the week. 😀


The Necromancer

Johannes Cabal: The Necromancer by Jonathan L. Howard

Genre: Fiction
Best Read 2016


Yes! Yes, technically I am a Necromancer. But I’m not one of those foolish people who take up residence in cemeteries so that they can raise an army of  dead. Have you SEEN an army of the dead? They’re more expensive than a living one, and far less use…I want to defy death. I want to…well, for want of a better word, cure it.

Oh this book was brilliant and is probably one of the BEST books I’ve read so far this year. It was wonderfully witty and came off as a Gaiman/Pratchett/Little Nicky piece which in thought, is absolutely brilliant.

Johannes Cabal is a Necromancer. He traded his soul to Satan to gain powers in necromancy, but alas, having no soul is effecting his research. So he decides to make another deal with him. 100 souls in a year and he can have his soul back. The catch? He has to do it using a Carnival and a budget. He frees his vampire brother, Horst, from a crypt he had left him 8 years prior and they take to the rails as ‘The World Renowned Cabal Brothers Carnival.’ Along the way, they meet an assortment of odd characters and Horst has to keep his brother in check, lest he loses his humanity.

I don’t hate death. It’s not a person. There’s no grim skeletal figure with a scythe. I try to avoid hating abstracts. It’s a waste of effort.

Never discuss murder plans with the victim, he reminded himself. It takes all the spontaneity out of it.

I loved, loved, loved loved this book. It was quite wordy but deliciously so. And hilarious. It had the tone of a Pratchett novel (wit, sarcasm, etc) while posing morality in the face of evil. Johannes isn’t a very good Necromancer but his heart is in the right place. And his brother is absolutely delightful.

I highly recommend this book. 😀