Courage for Beginners

Courage for Beginners by Karen Harrington

Genre: YA Fiction


Now that I am in bed, safe under my soft and warm comforter, I do not want to ever leave. Here is a space where there are no problems. Only the crack in my cealing. That is the only problem. A crack that widens because maybe the house wants to change, too. So there are no problems. Except for the problems you carry in your mind. They creep into your safe space without an invitation. The problem is so stupid there is not even a name for it. Because what do you call that irritating feeling that tells you you’re going to change whether you want to or not? What do you call these invisible things that seem like they are marching towards you and you better get ready?

This was a book about a 12 year old girl. Who became an adult too soon.

Misti likes to talk in narratives and believes that stories will save her.

Misti is your average recently turned 12 year. She’s entering the 7th grade and loses her best (and only) friend to a hipster social experiement. Her dad also suffers from a horrible accident while washing his car (he falls from a tree trying to collect his wash rag) and is hospitalized ‘indefinitely’. And her mother never leaves the house. So Misti takes upon adult responsibilities so that they might survive. She begins to take care of her younger sister, cooking meals, and even going as far as to walk to the grocery store once food begins to get dangerously low. Because her mother suffers from agoraphobia. The only thing that keeps her grounded is hope that her dad will recover. Her stories. And growing up.

Here is a girl in love with the idea that her outside should match her inside. If a guy can change his world with a hat, a girl can change hers with a haircut.

This one struck a cord with me because I was forced to grow up. My little sister is 10 years younger than I and there came a point where my mom stopped leaving her bedroom. For about 3 to 4 years. I had to raise my little sister while the hoarding got out of control. I was responsible for meals, bath times, going to school and getting home to take care of Nik. And this continued well until I managed to escape the hell hole my mother created, which coincidentally, was 7 years ago yesterday. My dad worked so much to ensure that we even had food and amenities. We were poor and we managed. School and reading essentially saved me, but I related alot to Misti and her predicament. And learning to courage to change.

Here is a girl who will learn get to where she needs to go on her own two feet.

I highly recommend this book.