Dark Matter

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy

I can’t help thinking that we’re more than the sum total of our choices, that all the paths we might have taken factor somehow into the math of our identity.

I picked this one because it was highly recommended on some forums. 

Jason is your average male who thinks about lost chances. The what if, if you will, of our choices throughout our lifetime. He is faced with this when he is kidnapped and thrust into a parallel world where those “What Ifs” become a reality. 

I liked the science behind this book but didn’t really care for how it was written. It was a man’s book written by a man. (Sorry…it’s just how I interpreted it.) Plus, the ending was a bit much. I feel like the author gave up there and did the most random thing he could think of.

Overall a good read but wish I hadn’t of bought it.


The Atomic Weight of Love 

The Atomic Weight of Love by Elizabeth J. Church 


Genre: Historical Fiction 

Where could we bury all our sorrows, our regrets, our guilty responsibilities- deserved or undeserved? How deeply could we burrow into that place of oblivian?

This is a book about love. A young Meri meets the mind of her dreams, Andel Whetstone, and falls in love. 28 years her senior, she puts her life in college on hold to join him in Los Almos, New Mexico, where he is one of the great minds behind the atomic bomb. 

Part historical fiction, part love story, this is a book about finding what it means to love someone and finding yourself. It is a book about how women have changed from the 1940s to the 1970s and developing a life for yourself. Meri gave up her life of a PHD in ornithology to be the wife her husband wants her to be. And how she overcomes that in the end. 

I liked this book and it’s beautiful descriptions. I can’t say I agreed with many of Meri’s decisions (esp that of finding love with Clay and the true meaning of sex) but it was a good book overall. Filled with scientific blurbs and what it meant to be a housewife in times of war. 

I highly recommend this book. Be warned that the launguage is a bit dense and heavy at times.



Thinks by David Lodge

Genre: Fiction


I suppose that’s why people read novels…To find out what goes on in other people’s heads.

This is a novel about the discussion of consciousness. The things we think, the way we think, etc. It alternates between 2 individuals, a gentleman recording his thoughts via voice recorder, and bestelling author Helen, who was recently widowed. And how they become entangled in an akward affair.

This book was okay. It was a bit over the top with the scientific side of things, but for the most part an enjoyable read.

A journal is a kind of mirror in which you look at yourself everyday, candidly, unflinchingly-without the protective guise of a mask, without even the flattery of makeup- and tell yourself the truth.