Not So Much, Said the Cat 

Not So Much, Said the Cat by Micheal Swanwick 


Genre: Scifi/Fantasy 

There is no such thing as time. There’s only the accumulation of consequences.

This was a compilation of short stories. Which I dislike because it’s hard for me to get into them since they are short and to the point. And don’t offer much in the way of development. I read a few which were okay but for the most part, skimmed through it. 

Also, there wasn’t any cats in this book.*disappointed*
If your a fan, then go for it. 


Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume

Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume by Jennifer O’Connell

Short Stories Book Bingo
Genre: Short Story/Non Fiction


Who am I? I am not my disease, nor my weight, nor even my children. I am not my clothing labels, my bank, my car…I am not the ugly words spoken to me by a man who wanted to hurt me. I’m not my books or even my beautiful marriage. It’s all illusionary. I am, instead, the essence inside. I am the courage to fight back after near death. I am the dignity to love my inner self…I am part of the ever elegant and evolving Universe. I am peace. I am serenity. I am blessed with compassion because of my suffering. I am grace through pain. I am kindness. I am laughter. I am all of these things. I am me.

~Erica Orloff

What young girl HASN’T been touched by the unbannable Judy Blume? For me it was Margaret. Deenie. Kathrine. (Yes, I read Forever early and no I didn’t have to hide it). It helped me to understand I wasn’t alone. It helped me to understand the topics that weren’t always up for discussion. Luckily for me, things like sex and periods were open discussion. Sadly, I grew up akward, shy, and under the ban hammer of my mother. Oh, I was allowed to read whatever I wanted. I just couldn’t be ME. At 28, I’m still trying to figure out who I am.

That aside, this is a collection from prominent women writers (such as Meg Cabot, Jennifer O’Connell, etc etc) and their personal stories on how Judy Blume shaped their akward adolescent years. Bras. Periods. The forbidden copies of Forever handed off underneath desks, and how Judy made them feel not so alone in the crazy thing we call life.

To this day, Judy Blume remains a staple and continues to be banned world wide. Of course, more contraband ends up on the list every year but Judy has been pissing off parents for decades.

Reading this made me think about my own Judy Blume experience. And how “We Must….We must…We must increase our busts!” was something to be giggled at and So Long as We’re Together made me realize some friendships aren’t forever and that’s okay. 🙂

I recommend this to the ladies of the group.


Praying Drunk

Praying Drunk by Kyle Minon

Genre: Fiction


Q:What was the purpose of this book?
A: A

catalogue of stories and sadness, beginnings and endings, the stuff of childhood, death. Nothing new can happen here, so all you do is think about the days of life when possibility hadn’t been ripped from you forever, when anything could happen, and wonder why so much was squandered. So much


This book was a collection of short stories about the incredibly depressing life of the author. It opens up with the story of how his uncle commited suicide, and continues on to the dark crevices of someone who suffers from manic depression. Preacher turned author Kyle captures the rawness of hurt and solitude in such a way that you will cry while reading and possibly throw up a bit.

This was a terrifyingly good read. I recommend it to those who like books on the morbid side.

If I lose my demons, I lose my angels as well.