Unf*ck Your Habitat 

Unfuck Your Habitat by Rachel Hoffman


Genre: Non Fiction 

Messiness is not a moral failing.

This book is a work of nonfiction and it’s not your typical self help orginization book. Filled with alot of F bombs, telling you to get off your ass and stop making excuses, this book walks you through the JUST DO of cleaning. While knowing you have a capital M type Mess and willing to work with you. 

I really enjoyed this book and it’s tips and tricks. It also has tips for if your dealing with depression or helping someone with a disability. I highly recommend it. 

There’s also an app for that in the Google Play Store. 


My Book Nook

I have for the LONGEST TIME, wanted a space solely for reading. My dream evolved around a comfy chair, a lamp and a safe cozy place to read.

I got it in February of this year after many pleas to my man unit to let me convert a corner of my apartment into a book Nook.


The decluttering process was grueling. But I managed it. And I scoped out a non recliner rocker and purchased it from Amazon.


Complete with Tardis lamp, a side table, and handmade throw pillows, my book nook became a reality.


I was even able to put my art on the walls. (Harry Potter diaramma, signed Neil Gaiman poster…).

What my ultimate goal was, was to have a comfy space to read that wasn’t the bed. Living in a one bedroom apartment can be both maddening and feel like a cracker box at times. But, we learn to make due with the space provided. 2 of my bookshelves are in this area (2/7) and I usually stack my library books next to my chair. It’s also where I spend my mornings drinking my coffee and cuddling a lap cat.


When she doesn’t steal my comfy chair, that is. 😉

Having a reading space is important. So important. It’s like a shrine to the literary gods. A place of solace and solitude. It’s a place that is safe and I can find my center.

I still read on the couch, in bed, in the tub, and in my car. But having my book book made me happy. 🙂