Carry On

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Genre: YA Scifi/Fantasy/LGBT


Rainbow Rowell is by far one of my favorite authors. Ever. I absolutely ADORE her writing and will most likely read/own everything she will ever write.

We first met Simon and Baz in Fangirl which was the basis for the MC’s obsession and “fangirling.” Rowell took it upon her herself to give us a Simon/Baz story and I am quite pleased with the result. I kinda skipped over those posts in Fangirl so I wasn’t quite swayed with this one. 😉

Carry On is a Potter-esque type book. Magical school. Insidious Humdrum. Smarty pants female co-character. And so on. This book is basically “What Would Happen if Draco and Harry were Room mates and ended up Falling in Love.” Pretty much.

I highly recommend Rowell’s writing. This one was fun, for YA and a bi/gay lovestory. And yes, I totally fangirled and shipped the hell out of them from the begining. XD


Hunter (#1)

Hunter by Mercedes Lackey

Genre: YA Fantasy


Imagine a post apocalyptic Hunger Games but instead of kids killing kids, Katniss Everdeen goes to the capital to be part of the elite force of kick ass hunters who fight….


That’s pretty much this book. It was amazing in every sense of the word. Joy is an unusual Hunter (magic user and has Hounds) who travels from her small and mountainous monestary to live with her important uncle in the Apex, the most protected area in the land. Diseray was brought upon by religious fanatics/terrorists who used nukes which caused a cataclysm of events (they figured rapture and apocalypse) and opened the doorway to the ‘Otherworld.’ Joy stays on top of things in her humble manner (while kicking ass) while trying to uncover a plot of conspiracy.

Some may not like this book because it’s bogged down by world building and info dumps. I LOVED THAT. It made things make more sense and I don’t feel like it pulled from the plot at all. The magic was beautifully explained and the WHY. I was rather taken aback by the amount of background provided that I could weep with happiness.

Plus there was no love triangle. Love interest, yes. 🙂 Joy is overall a brilliant female heroine. Plus, did you read the part about mythical creatures? Tommy Knockers, Kelpies, Red Caps, Draken, Weyrvyn, Gazers, Fair Folk, I was practically squeeing with all my mythilogical nerdiness.

I HIGHLY recommend this book. I will be impatiently waiting for the next installments.



Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen

Just Because Book
Genre: YA Fiction/Fantasy


You can’t make someone fall in love with you. I should know. And this is where the storytellers write their own sugary versions of the truth. A pack of lies until they reach ‘The End’. But no story ever comes to an end, at least not one so neat. There are voices silenced, characters erased at the storytellers whim…They do not tell you what happens when the children have eaten their way through the witches treasures and face another starveling winter, when the glass slipper no longer fits the crone’s swollen foot. When the beauty doesn’t fall in love with her beastly prince.

Oh this was a good. A rare random grab and an odd spin on fairy tales and curses. This one is a strange retelling of beauty and the Beast but the beast isn’t who you’d expect. And the curse is well explained as is the magic. A young girl named Sarah is faced with family truths after her mother suddenly disappears and her father drops her off at her grandparents castle. Mystery unfolds in the forest as she looks for answers.

This book was beautifully written without being bogged down. And it was a fairly quick read. I recommend it to lovers of fairy tales. 🙂


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Genre: YA
15/Clearly not 40 THE GREAT READING BINGE OF 2016

I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extroidinary things began to happen. The first of these came as a terrible shock, and like anything that changes you forever, split my life into halves: Before and After.


I recently saw the trailer for the movie that they’re making and figured I’d give this one another go. I tried to read it 5 or so years ago and thought it was some creepy story involving children that I didn’t need to read.

So…this is the story of a young boy who falls into peculiar circumstances after the mysterious murder of his grandfather. Growing up, Grandpa Abe would tell him fairy tales of a magical house with magical children where he was sent to live during the war. After Grandpa Abe passes away, Jakob and his father head to a tiny island in Wales to discover the truth. Darkness clouds the fairy tales and Jakob is pulled into an adventure of sorts, while he battles monsters long forgotten.

I neither liked nor disliked this book. I felt it lacked in places where the author seemed to skip over and it was a tad creepy in parts. It just didn’t wow me in a way that makes me want to keep reading the series. Apparently the author based this story around vintage photographs that he collected and it made the story disjointed. I found the character development poor and Jakob lacked any development what so ever.

What did I like about this book? The plot was original. It just needed buffing up.

If you read it and liked it, hurrah! I just don’t think it was a book I could like. 🙂

We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing them is too high.