Girl in Pieces 

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow 


Genre: YA Fiction

When I say sadness  what I really mean is: black hole inside of me filled with nails and rocks and broken glass and the words I don’t have anymore.'”

Trigger warning: Self Harm, Suicide, Drug usage

I picked this one off of a list. With Thirteen Reasons Why trending, I’m gonna say this was really worth the read and worth all the pain and sadness. It was tragic and sad but had a happy ending. 

Charlie starts off the book in a hospital, recovering from a recent suicide attempt. She has select mutism and is thouroughly broken apart. They release her early due to financial issues and she decides to go to Arizona with a friend who offered her a place to stay. (She was coming off homelessness). Upon arriving, she finds a job and at this job meets washed up Rockstar Riley. Then she makes some choices that go very downhill very fast. 

This book was definitely hard to read with my depression but I’m glad that I did. The author has personal experience with the issues talked about in the book and she provided a resource page for teens in need and suicide awareness. 

I highly recommend this book but I included a trigger warning for a reason.


Postcards from the Edge

Postcards from the Edge by Carrie Fisher

Genre: Fiction


I looked at the charred, twisted metal and thought, ‘Finally, my outsides match my insides.’

Suzanne Vale is a Hollywood socialite and actress who finds herself in rehab after overdosing and having her stomach pumped. She calculates the first 30 days, her adventure into sobriety, and finding herself without the drugs. The other part of the story follows after Alex, a screenwriter addicted to cocaine and his rock bottom revelation.

Carrie Fisher is able to deliver a world into depression that makes sense and is relatable. She gives hope to the masses through witty retort and let’s us know it’s not the end of the world.

I guess when you find yourself having overdosed, it’s a good indication your life isn’t working. Still, it wasn’t like I planned it. I’m not suicidal. My behavior might be, but I’m certainly not.

I do not do drugs, but I have the mind of an addict/alcoholic.

I highly recommend everything she’s written.